Barkeep & BarkeepOnline Features

BarkeepApp Version 4.7 improves your productivity when scanning and weighing bottles.
BarkeepApp's new AutoScan feature allows you to scan individual bottles and automatically add a single bottle to your inventory without entering a quantity. Just scan each bottle and let BarkeepApp do the rest!
With the new AutoWeigh feature, BarkeepApp will automatically read partial bottle weights from your Escali digital scale - you no longer need to press the bluetooth icon to read the weight.
BarkeepApp v4.7 - making things easier...

BarkeepApp BarkeepOnline
Version (4.7) Version (4.7)
App Only App + Online
Software (BarkeepApp) $39.99 $39.99
Online Services (BarkeepOnline subscription) Add BarkeepOnline N/A $25 per month
$250 per year
Runs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch   BYO or starts at $199 Runs on any Web Browser
Wireless Syncing   Yes Yes
Summary and Usage Reports Generation on the Device Download Summary and Usage Reports Yes Yes
Banquet Reports Yes Yes Yes
Perpetual Reports   Yes Yes
Pour Cost Reports Download Sample Pour Cost Report Yes Yes
Generate Order Sheets   Yes Yes
iPad and Retina Display Ready   Yes Yes
Upload Sales Data   Yes Yes
Repeat Last Inventory   Yes Yes
Search When Barcode Scanning   Yes Yes
Auto-Reduce Name Lookup   Yes Yes
Accurate Inventory by Weight   Yes Yes
Automatic Items Lookups   Yes Yes
Add Items by Name   Yes Yes
Waste Inventory   Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel Integration   Yes Yes
Transfer Inventories   Yes Yes
Track Items by Case   Yes Yes
Track Expected Usage   Yes Yes
Share Data Between Devices   Yes Yes